AIS performance analysis


Compare your performance in real time
WindBAG analyses in real time the performances of the competitors based on the AIS data.

Detailed comparative table

Display the detailed table of the fleet performance, and sort it by various parameters.

Campare your boat to your competitors in real-time and identify good phase and low phases.

Map mode

Visualize the position of the fleet in range and identify shortly the performance of each vessel.

Take the relevant strategic decision quickly and efficiently


Use the replay mode to analyse your performance during post-treatment sessions

Presentation of the software

WindBAG is using the AIS data from the vessels in order to compare real-time the performance (heading/speed) of a fleet.

It basically requires to input the MMSI number of our competitors to get the suitable figures (SOG, COG and also VMC and CMG towards the active waypoint in the navigation software) computed and smoothed over time. To get more relevant data than those coming directly from the AIS system, the calculations are performed for configurable durations.

Thanks to WindBAG, you will now know accurately and whenever you want if you are faster or slower than your competitors, even those out of visual !

About us

WindBAG is born in 2015 based on idea from two sailors, Gwénolé Gahinet and Benoît Mariette, competing in the french first class Figaro circuit. Developed by David Leven, it has quickly proven its efficiency and is now installed on most of the ”Figaro”. It was used by 9 amongst the 10 first sailors of the “Solitaire du Figaro 2019”. It is also owned by the last IMOCAs foilers, and was extensively used by Dongfend Race Team, winner of the last Volvo Ocean Race